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WELCOME Dr. Chelsea Murphy!

Growing up, I loved spending Saturday mornings “working” with my dad. He owned a motorcycle shop in my rural Connecticut hometown, so this mostly meant tagging along for the many errands needed to maintain a small business. I always got two lollipops at the bank and he always included me in the conversations – I was delighted and proud to be, (it was obvious to me), a valuable consultant and business partner.

I blame these mornings for the almost instant certainty I felt when introduced to orthodontics, that it would be the right field for me.  Which, I know isn’t terribly intuitive, but “working” with my dad proved to be kind of inspiring. He obviously enjoyed getting to know the clients and vendors he frequently worked with and it was fun to see the pride he expressed in earning the community’s trust and coaching a team to provide services they were all proud to have their names on.

I later saw that this field could provide an opportunity to form those same relationships in a way that would have an incredible positive impact on people’s lives. It pulled in creativity, artistry, and design – all things that I loved. To me, it was perfect. And motorcycles weren’t really my thing.

Although not a daredevil, I’ve always been an active type. Growing up, I played all kinds of sports until college brought me to Wake Forest in North Carolina, where I decided I would become a marathon runner. Despite a laughable first attempt at 26.2 miles, I stuck with it and have now completed 9 full marathons! I also love downhill skiing, rooting for my favorite New York sports teams (mostly the Giants, which isn’t always easy) and exploring our city and others while visiting with friends and family.

My orthodontics residency is what brought me to DC. I remember arriving here from Connecticut with my best friend to apartment hunt, excitedly circling the Washington Monument twice before realizing she had punched “Washington, DC” into our navigation app and not the name of our hotel. It was a silly mistake that made for a grandiose welcome to a city that would quickly become my home. My ability to get around has (thankfully!) greatly improved in the 6 years I’ve spent here, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Residency at Washington Hospital Center also introduced me to Drs. Bailey and Orchin. They had graduated my same training program a few years before me and then been invited to become members of the clinical faculty. Many of my very first patients as an orthodontist were treated directly alongside them. It seemed to me that they enjoyed many of the same aspects of this field that had initially drawn me to it and I was not surprised when many of my treatment philosophies quickly began to mirror theirs.

I am lucky to know them now as both mentors and friends. I feel that my commitment to excellence as an orthodontic provider has been strongly influenced by seeing theirs firsthand and I feel confident that will be obvious to those who have had the "Orchin Experience". I love what I do and am very excited to continue the highest quality orthodontic care that Orchin Orthodontics has come to be known for.



We call them the Dream Team! This group of talented and caring women share our vision of being the best choice for orthodontic treatment in the Washington, DC area. They are all genuinely nice, entertaining and appreciate our quest for perfection.

No matter how you arrive, we would be surprised if our team doesn’t send you home smiling! Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.  

~ Dr. Andrew Orchin & Dr. Jill Bailey



Practice Manager

Greetings! I am Jillian, your most excellent financial and insurance coordinator. I am here to make sure you receive the best orthodontic treatment with payment options that are comfortable for you! Our practice is determined to not let finances stand in the way of getting the treatment you want.

I love meeting new patients and helping them as they take the first steps on their orthodontic journey. Not to mention, it is so totally cool to see the magic of transforming smiles that happens here every day!

I was born in Fairfax, VA but slowly made my way south to Texas when I was a kid. While everything might not be better in Texas it is definitely bigger. I'm looking at you, narrow DC streets! Also, Bluebell ice cream! Have I mentioned that I like snacks? Aside from Harry Potter, snacks are my favorite hobby and I love trying all of the delicious foods that DC has to offer. My family is also pretty cool I guess. It's definitely big! As the oldest of six, I have five built-in best friends, although as any oldest child will tell you it took me a while to actually like any of them. I am currently in a loving relationship with sushi, although who knows what it will be next month! Fingers crossed for tacos.



Front Office and Scheduling Coordinator

Hi there! I'm a native to the DMV, growing up in Arlington and now raising my own 2 children with my husband in Springfield! In my spare time, you can find me on the soccer field sidelines cheering on my kids (6 days a week)! I also enjoy singing soprano in my church choir!  As the Scheduling Coordinator, I will be one of the first faces waiting to greet you upon your arrival to the office. My goal and main priority is to provide our patients with exceptional customer service, accommodating your needs and busy schedules. With years of experience both behind the front desk and in the clinic, I'm ready to help solve any problem you may have.


Front Office and New Patient Coordinator

Greetings! I recently moved to DC and am enjoying getting to explore the city and all it has to offer! I spend most of my time with my very loud old dog, or driving home to Long Island to spend time with my five siblings (who are also very loud). I'm excited to be working on my masters in the health care industry while supporting the wonderful patients at Orchin Orthodontics.

As the new patient coordinator, I welcome all new patients to our office and make you feel at home from your very first call with us. I'll work to make sure we have all the information we need to provide you with everything you need at your first complimentary consultation. I'll verify your insurance, make sure we have all necessary health information and contact your dentist so we can share any necessary Xrays needed all before you even walk in the door for your first visit!



Lab Technician and Orthodontic Assistant

I love spending my days working with a great team and caring for our incredible patients. Each person brings so much positive energy to our office, and we’re always smiling and laughing. It’s wonderful to work in an environment where we make people smile while developing healthy smiles for them. I create retainers and splints in our onsite lab, along with taking images. My goal each day is to make people smile and enjoy their visits.

My daughter Ava keeps me pretty busy. We spend a lot of time together and enjoy shopping on the weekend. I love sports and like to play tennis. I also do facials and makeup with friends.



Orthodontic Assistant

I love interacting with our patients and bringing smiles to their faces. Even the most timid of patients soon learn that ours is a fun place to visit and that each of us is here to help them. Laughing and joking with a patient helps them relax, and it’s enjoyable, too. Who wouldn’t want to spend their day making people happy, while helping them develop an incredible smile? I assist the doctors as they care for patients, and keep the patient entertained and updated at the same time.

I have three wonderful children, Jordyn, Jhase, and Jersi. I’m currently in the final stages of becoming a teacher so I can help educate on more than just your perfect smile!


Orthodontic Assistant

I love working with people and helping them improve their self-esteem by improving their smiles. It’s a joy to watch their confidence grow, along with their personality, as they move through care. I spend my days with our patients, making sure they are comfortable and happy while here. I take X-rays, photographs, impressions, and intraoral scans for our doctors to review. I also answer questions from patients and parents about treatment and anything else.

I grew up right outside of Boston and now live in Maryland with my husband, our 1-year-old son and 2 dogs! The dogs and my son keep me pretty busy but I love finding time to hang out with friends and grab some local pizza!



Orthodontic Assistant

Hello! My name is Monica! A true Florida native who freezes when it’s below 60 degrees!  I have relocated to Rockville with my husband, two crazy kids, and three dogs!  I love going to the beach, watching movies, and cooking!

I am one of the highly skilled clinical assistants at Orchin Orthodontics. I have been assisting since 2005. I truly enjoy the connections I make with the patients and their families, especially in helping them understand and enjoy the orthodontic process!




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