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Growing up, I loved spending Saturday mornings “working” with my dad. He owned a motorcycle shop in my rural Connecticut hometown, so this mostly meant tagging along for the many errands needed to maintain a small business. I always got two lollipops at the bank and he always included me in the conversations – I was delighted and proud to be, (it was obvious to me), a valuable consultant and business partner.

I blame these mornings for the almost instant certainty I felt when introduced to orthodontics, that it would be the right field for me.  Which, I know isn’t terribly intuitive, but “working” with my dad proved to be kind of inspiring. He obviously enjoyed getting to know the clients and vendors he frequently worked with and it was fun to see the pride he expressed in earning the community’s trust and coaching a team to provide services they were all proud to have their names on.

I later saw that this field could provide an opportunity to form those same relationships in a way that would have an incredible positive impact on people’s lives. It pulled in creativity, artistry, and design – all things that I loved. To me, it was perfect. And motorcycles weren’t really my thing.

Although not a daredevil, I’ve always been an active type. Growing up, I played all kinds of sports until college brought me to Wake Forest in North Carolina, where I decided I would become a marathon runner. Despite a laughable first attempt at 26.2 miles, I stuck with it and have now completed 9 full marathons! I also love downhill skiing, rooting for my favorite New York sports teams (mostly the Giants, which isn’t always easy) and exploring our city and others while visiting with friends and family.

My orthodontics residency is what brought me to DC. I remember arriving here from Connecticut with my best friend to apartment hunt, excitedly circling the Washington Monument twice before realizing she had punched “Washington, DC” into our navigation ap and not the name of our hotel. It was a silly mistake that made for a grandiose welcome to a city that would quickly become my home. My ability to get around has (thankfully!) greatly improved in the 6 years I’ve spent here, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Residency at Washington Hospital Center also introduced me to Drs. Bailey and Orchin. They had graduated my same training program a few years before me and then been invited to become members of the clinical faculty. Many of my very first patients as an orthodontist were treated directly alongside them. It seemed to me that they enjoyed many of the same aspects of this field that had initially drawn me to it and I was not surprised when many of my treatment philosophies quickly began to mirror theirs.

I am lucky to know them now as both mentors and friends. I feel that my commitment to excellence as an orthodontic provider has been strongly influenced by seeing theirs firsthand and I feel confident that will be obvious to those who have had the "Orchin Experience". I love what I do and am very excited to continue the highest quality orthodontic care that Orchin Orthodontics has come to be known for.


Born in 1974 to a nurse and a mechanical engineer in Minnesota, with an older brother who is also a mechanical engineer, I think I was genetically predisposed to become an orthodontist. I grew up loving math, biology, and physics, and taking care of people, which is essentially the definition of orthodontics! I promise I will take excellent care of you.

I graduated from dental school in 2000, and then practiced as a general dentist is Minnesota for eight years prior to deciding to specialize in orthodontics right here in DC. After two additional years in residency at Washington Hospital Center, where I then served as faculty for five years, this small-town girl officially transitioned to life in the big city. Dr. Orchin and I were married in 2013, and our blended family consists of his children, Max and Leo, and our new baby boy Evan!

When I’m not working, I’m constantly moving. I adore dogs, and am passionate about dog rescue programs. I miss my beloved dogs Roxy and Izzy and will add more dogs to our family once my son gets a little older!  I also work out, and you may find it interesting (and surprising after you meet me) that my cousins are World Power Lifting champions and have competed in Strongman competitions, and my uncle was a Green Bay Packer in the first two Super Bowls! (Sorry, but I am a Packers fan!) 

I love to cook, including homemade pizza dough, bagels, and pasta. I enjoy scuba diving, fishing, snow and water skiing, traveling, and losing myself in a good book. Oh, and I’m a bit of a fearless adventure seeker!


I live and breathe orthodontics. Being married to Dr. Orchin, it is rare for us not be “talking teeth.” I love what I do and continue to set ever higher standards for myself and our practice. I enjoy working with different patient personalities, lifestyles, and goals. No two patients are the same, and with every visit I get to use my creativity to marry the science and artistry into delivering their unique treatment. It keeps me challenged and inspired.

I am a perfectionist. With 10 years of general dentistry experience prior to becoming a specialist in orthodontics, I understand the short- and long-term effects of a healthy, well-balanced mouth. I work hard to design beautiful smiles that match faces, with close attention to a healthy, functional, protective bite. It’s all in the details.

I love making my patients happy. That’s what it is all about for me: it’s my job to make people smile, while making that smile stunning. I want to be a bright spot in their day. If I can make a child laugh, a teenager grin, or an adult’s day a little brighter, it brings me great happiness.

Patients end their treatment with amazing and healthy smiles I know will last them a lifetime (if they wear their retainers!), due to the attention that has been given to function and balance. I hope that I am a positive influence for all my patients: in my attitude, unwavering commitment to excellence and honesty, and a sprinkling of Minnesota-nice humor.


  • Undergraduate degree – University of Minnesota
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery – University of Minnesota
  • Orthodontic specialist training – Washington Hospital Center and Children’s National Medical Center

I’m active in numerous, ongoing continuing education programs. I co-lead the the Spear Study Club and am on the specialist advisory board of the Seattle Study Club. These are both groups of dentists and specialists in the local area who work together to develop better communication and treatment planning, and continually raise the bar to provide our patients with the best outcomes. I’m also a proud member of the Schulman Study Group, which is a national study club, by invitation only, of the top 125 practices in the country.

General dentists and specialists each have an exceptional vision in their own area. It is critical, when treating patients, that we have excellent communication and a greater depth of understanding of the other team members and what they can do. When we work together, with a shared vision, the patient wins!


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